Provide your workers with tools to help them spend more time on the service.

more tools for workers

Automatically track key details of every job.

consolidate service

Instant Field Updates

Streamline notes, photos, and work changes with live-updates to all team members.

automate repeatable tasks

Automate Repeatable Tasks

Give your workers another reason to love you. Once the job is complete, we ping location, duration, weather condition, and temperature instantly.

achieve more

Increase Worker Output

Spend more time focusing on your work. Nektyd automatically updates your client’s portal with upcoming and past jobs.

eliminate job forms completely

Eliminate job forms and sheets completely. 

Spend more time focusing on the work. Document photos or notes within Nektyd. Let us track billable items, work changes, site details, items, and costs. Our technology was made to simplify, automate, and scale your team.


“We use Nektyd for route sheets, property notes, site maps, assigning trucks and so much more.” – Hopwood Enterprises

Prompting workers in the field is changing the game.

Ask guided questions to workers to facilitate their job and yours. Start automating the monitoring of cost of materials while tracking inventory. You do the service, we do the busy work. 


“Nektyd is easy-peasy and now the drivers and accounting people all love it! Why didn’t we sign up sooner?” – Al Ried

game changing prompts

Without Inventory tracking, you are throwing money away.

Spend no time tracking inventory or materials, we do it for you. Knowing your exact COGS will immediately identify weak spots in your process. Different items need to be located, start finding your lost revenue.


“Nektyd saved our staff 90% of their time on billing alone.” – Jacki

Nektyd helps your team automate the details to save you hours everyday.

Job documentation made simple.

Simplify Job Documentation

Give your workers the most simple access to Nektyd. All they do is click one-button, we do the rest.

simplify operations

Integrate a Better Process

Focus on the most important services. Identify weak or strong spots in your current operation. 

Automate the Details

All the repeatable details you have to enter for liability or billing purposes are automated.

Focus on the Service

Spend more time talking with the client and performing the service. Start optimizing your team’s time. 

Focus on the Profit

Quit wasting time doing repeatable tasks. Start leveraging your highest valued services.

money back guarantee

All plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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