How to Work on your Snow Plowing Business in the Summer

Is your plan to let your snow removal company sit idle during summer?

If so, then you are mistaken. Even though the cold winds of winter are gone and there is no snow left to be removed, yet there is still a whole lot you can do.

From marketing to training your staff to inspecting your equipment, there’s a lot of work you can do to improve your company during summer.

In today’s post, we will discuss the three most important things to work on during summer. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

1. Service Marketing

According to experts, the best time to market your snow plow services is during the off-seasons: fall and summer. So if you want to stay ahead of your competition, then you must start now.

Here are three cost-effective ways to market your services during summer:

1. Use Social Media

Set up a business page on every social platform where your ideal clients go, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

When setting up your page, make sure that it clearly talks about your client’s wants. Also, make sure to mention how you will offer them the ideal solution to their plow or icing needs.

We recommend hiring a professional copywriter for crafting your business page’s content. Also, after setting up your pages, make sure to stay active on every platform. Consistency and quality are the social media fundamentals that will help grow your snow plowing business.

2. Use Door Hangers

Door hangers are perhaps the most inexpensive way to grab the attention of new prospects. You can get them through online printing companies, like Vistaprint.

If most of your services are commercial plowing and icing, head over to complexes and property management companies to network and leave fliers. You’ll soon realize many people are unhappy with their snow services because they feel like they could be getting ‘cheated’.

Many plow and removal businesses not using software, tend to lack relaying enough information to the clients after each plow. You’ll quickly learn how many of these clients feel uncertain about the honestly and integrity of their plowing service.

3. Use Newsletters

Create a newsletter to remind people that winter will be here before they know it, and the time to think about snow removal is now.

You can also offer them exclusive summer discounts or coupons. I recommend sending these newsletters via email in mass. It is simple and cost-effective. Mailchimp and Nektyd both offer free email services. If you aren’t sending your clients emails about your company in the off-season, start emailing today.

2. Equipment Inspection

Imagine this:

Winter has finally arrived and your crew is about to go out for their first job of the year.

Just when they’re all ready to go and start picking up their equipment, the brand new bossplow drops to the ground and starts scraping the pavement.

This happens due to a faulty seal or a hydraulic fluid that needed replacement.

So to save yourself this disappointment and your valuable time during winter, inspect your equipment and fix any problems you find during summer.

You should start by inspecting:

  1. Welded points for integrity
  2. Hoses for corrosion or leaky seals
  3. Plow edges for excess wear and tear

If you find any of those problems, fix them. Once you’re done, start on seasonal maintenance, including:

Lastly, one thing we want to say is that when it comes to inspecting your equipment, don’t put it off till fall or winter. Instead, follow the trend of starting as early as possible — which is during spring or summer.

3. Staff Training

According to market experts, it is important to keep your staff motivated throughout the year. So rather than letting them sit idle during summer, you should provide them with more training.

Snow plowing tasks involve a lot of complication, which is why you need to ensure that every member of your staff is properly trained — and the off-season is the best time for this purpose.

If you use mostly contractors, now is a good time to put together training videos to show them once the snow plowing season starts back up.

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