Increase your profit by tracking inventory and item usage.

Track your inventory, item and material usage for every service.

Track all your items.

Use Nektyd prompts to track inventory and material usage on each service. Start calculating actual profit.

track profit

Understand actual profit vs. estimated.

Make decisions based on profit/loss statements, which are automatically updated on your dashboard.

Auto-track all items.

No need to input any data, your workers and Nektyd do it all with ease. Give them a prompt or checklist.

profit tracking

Know your two largest costs automatically.

COGS and wages are the two largest expenses of your business. Get insights every time you login based on your actual costs. Identify top workers and spots you are losing money.


“We use Nektyd for route sheets, property notes, site maps, assigning trucks and so much more.” – Hopwood Enterprises

Personalized data for your company.

Your dashboard and item tab will automatically update. Flexible for any edits or changes you need to make. Profit/loss analytics will populate every time you login.


“Nektyd is easy-peasy and now the drivers and accounting people all love it! Why didn’t we sign up sooner?” – Al Ried

Start finding lost revenue.

Having trouble understanding how much of an item is used where? Which projects used which goods? Now, it is automatic and part of your business.


“Nektyd saved our staff 90% of their time on billing alone.” – Jacki

Nektyd gives you the right tools to grow your business.

Advanced Tracking

Use our dashboard and item log to follow your teams item usage per property, project and day.

Generate More Profit

Understanding your two biggest costs are extremely useful to increasing short & long-term profit margin.

help your team

Save Time

Help your office and field save time with automation’s. Neither the field or office should be using service forms. 

Instant Communication of your Team

Send live-updates, sms, or notes to workers and services. Instant updates for everyone. 

Track on the Fly

Find any item from anywhere.

money back guarantee

All Plans come with a 30-day Money back Guarantee.

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